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If you are looking for an interesting wooden wall clocks, hopefully you will find it at B SQUARE®. Our unique and modern wooden wall clock captivates everyone who looks at it with its simplicity and beauty. It is not only a clock but also a beautiful decoration in Eco-friendly natural wood to your living room, bedroom and even office. Made from natural wood veneer, this clock has a more traditional look to it, but also a modern aesthetic thanks to a minimalist design and contrasting wood hands. Ideal product for gifting, house warming gift. Beautiful effect, attention to every detail.

Material: Crafted from fine grade wood veneer sheets. No Plywood / MDF / Plastic / Vinyl Print are used in making the clocks.


















Clock Hands / Needles: Crafted from thin pine wood sheet and not from any ordinary cardboard sheet.






Figures/Numbers: The clock face has easy to read 3D wooden numbers and appliques that represent the time of day.





Clock Mechanism: Every B SQUARE® clock is fitted with patented precision sweep quartz movement from Youngtown - Taiwan Model: 12888 (www.youngtownco.com/en) which is of best quality in its class.



Testing: Every B SQUARE® clock is battery tested for at least 12 hours to ensure it's in good working order before dispatch.

Price to Quality: B SQUARE® assures that you get the best quality product at right price.



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